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Welcome to Holistic Health! My name is Cherie Miranda, and I wPBD_0069_4X6ant to help you live a better, healthier lifestyle…naturally.

First off, let’s make it clear that I’m not a doctor and don’t dispense medical advice. I am, however, passionate about things like natural health, holistic living, mind body spirit techniques, and complimentary/alternative medicine. I haven’t gone to medical school, but I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying all manner of material related to health and wellness and I’ve achieved a number of certifications in a variety of fields.

Most importantly, I keep up my education. I learn daily from the likes of Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. David Perlmutter, and scores of other leading physicians and scientists in the fields of wellness and alternative medicine. What I’m doing on this site is passing on information to you in an accessible, easy to understand way. I explain the most up to date science as it relates to YOUR health and well-being. Even better, I help you implement changes based on the latest findings so that you can live the most naturally healthy life possible.

If you’re new to holistic health, maybe even curious about alternative healing, this site is for you. I explain many basic terms, principles, and tenants of health living. And if you have questions you don’t see addressed on the site, just send them to me! I’ll either answer you directly or write a blog post about your concern.

Even those of you who are entrenched in a healthy lifestyle might learn some new tips and read some cutting edge research. As the site progresses, there will be something for everyone who’s interested in holistic health.

Please enjoy the site and remember: send me your questions!