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Cancer: Is the Treatment Worse Than the Disease?

I’ve long believed that conventional medicine relies too heavily on drugs that treat symptoms (rather than the underlying problem) and/or cause actual harm to the body. This iDrugs are toxics a significant topic with strong feelings on both sides of the issue, though alternative treatments that allow the body to do what it has always done naturally—heal itself—are becoming more widely accepted. While I don’t see western medicine leaving the drug trade anytime soon, I’m encouraged by an article I read this morning.

Radiation for Brain Cancer is More Harmful Than Good

Yahoo News released a story today regarding the treatment of brain cancer. Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and anything that questions the toxicity of treatments that are a very profitable part of cancer treatment represents a step in the right direction.

According to Yahoo, a recent study indicates that radiation treatment to the entire brain does not prolong survival for brain cancer patients. On the contrary, it harms memory, speech, and thinking skills. There is no actual benefit from this type of brain radiation. In fact, one of the doctors involved in the study said that the negative effects far outweigh any benefits.

Alternative Cancer Treatments Exist

Alternative medicineReading the results of this study and seeing an article about it as the top trending story in Yahoo today gives me some hope that perhaps someday the treatments and, yes, non-toxic CURES for cancer that are banned, ostracized, and otherwise prohibited in the United States may someday be embraced by practitioners who are interested in actually healing their diseased patients.

This topic is one that’s close to my heart, as I’ve lost two dear friends in the last few years to brain cancer. One of them was a physician and teacher who had a significant impact on my life. For the knowledge, training, and insight I received from Dr. David Simon, I am more grateful than I can ever express. The world lost this truly amazing being to brain cancer in 2012. Dr. Simon, a neurologist who diagnosed his own condition, suffered through traditional treatments while he utilized alternative therapies in an effort to save his still young life. I remember how he and his son Max chronicled the journey.

A year prior to Dr. Simon’s death, I lost a 35 year old friend to brain cancer. She was fit, healthy, vibrant, successful, and beautiful. I watched her go through radiation and saw the hair loss, mental fog, swelling, and other side effects that caused her nothing but loss of quality of life in those precious remaining months.

My 53 year old aunt, who is sadly not open to alternative treatments, beat breast cancer last year but she went through unimaginable agony as well as the emotional trauma of complete hair loss courtesy of chemotherapy. I fear that she will never be the same. Not because of the cancer but because of the treatment.

Non-Toxic Cancer Cures

Woman meditatingOn the positive side, a friend and colleague of mine beat breast cancer without the use of chemotherapy or radiation. This powerful, vital woman followed her inner guidance and sought out alternative therapies. Another colleague—also a vibrant, healthy, lovely woman—was recently diagnosed with cancer. She also is avoiding toxic chemotherapy and radiation and has found a wonderful clinic in California that offers promising alternatives, including high dose intravenous Vitamin C treatments and some other experimental and fascinating scientifically grounded natural therapies.

If you are suffering from this insidious disease or know someone who is, there are ways to avoid or at least supplement the toxic, poisonous methods conventional medicine employs as “treatment.” You can start with the great resource page Natural News has created. And you can always write to me if you have specific questions.

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