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Health Department Orders Farmers to Destroy Organic Food

When I read an article about what happened to Quail Hollow Farms back in November, I was in shock. I could not believe that the health department, in a theoretically less regulated state like Nevada, would attack a local farm which was guilty only of serving perfect, organic food to its guests.

What really put me into a state of total shock is that I KNOW these people. I buy from Quail Hollow Farms at a local farmer’s market every Saturday. This husband and wife team is truly a joy to work with. Laura and Monte are two of the most lovely people I’ve ever met. Their mission is to provide good, pure, healthy food to people. Is there anything more decent and honorable than that?

I’m not always a believer in conspiracy theories, but things like this have really convinced me that the government or whatever “powers that be” are determined to seize full control of the food supply. What better, more stealth weapon can there be than food? Genetically modified, processed, preserved, pesticide laden, chemically ridden foods keep us sick, compliant, and dumbed down. Sounds like a sci-fi novel, huh? But mounting evidence shows this crazy theory to be true. Check it out for yourself. There’s tons of information available at Dr. Mercola’s site and hundreds of other sites. Don’t be fooled, be informed and make your own educated decisions.

To read all about what happened at Quail Hollow Farms, click the link to be taken to an article on the Natural News website.I hope you’ll see the seriousness of this issue and the way in which it ties into many similar occurrences across the country. If you’re so inclined, there are a number of ways to take action. Feel free to write to me if you’d like some resources to help you find real food and/or to speak your mind to your elected representatives about what they’re doing to our precious food supply.

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  • I heard about this when it happened and couldn’t believe how out of control the government is and how ignorant it is. The other shocking thing about this story of the illegal raid on Quail Hollow Farms is that they had done absolutely nothing illegal or wrong. The government had no legal basis for their reckless behavior.

    Thanks for posting about the government’s attempts to control our food choices.


  • Hi Cherie,
    We sometimes have the same kind of issues here. Spain has lived form agriculture most centuries but the last decades industrial agricultural is taking over and the farmers that are still cultivating ecologically find many regulation problems.


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