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September is National Organic Harvest Month!

Here are ten fun and healthy ways to celebrate National Organic Harvest Month:

1. Visit your local Farmer’s Market. If you aren’t familiar with any in your area, try using Local Harvest’s search tool at Select “Farmer’s Market” and simply enter your zip code for the quickest, most accurate results.

2. Try organic, grass fed beef. It’s actually higher in heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids than salmon, and it has a better flavor.

3. Switch to organic dark chocolate. This natural treat is an antioxidant powerhouse. For an extra healthy boost, choose a variety with almonds or hazelnuts.

4. Prepare at least one meal each week in September using only organic ingredients.

5. Read up on the importance of eating natural, organic food. A good introduction is Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food.

6. Take up organic gardening. Start small and easy with a potted herb on your patio or in your kitchen window.

7. Bring organics into other parts of your life. Switch to organic cleaning or personal care products.

8. Spread the word about National Organic Harvest Month. Take an organic vegetable platter or a homemade organic baked good to work, school, or a social gathering.

9. Host a potluck and challenge your guests to bring dishes made only with seasonal, organic ingredients.

10. Get social! Talk about National Organic Harvest Month on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

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  • Hi!
    I have already changed to the dark chocolate organic! Now need to try some of the other of your recommendations!!

    Hipnosis Barcelona

  • Organic produce is hugely important in these days of factory-farmed-everything. Unfortunately it’s sometimes a little more expensive, but you can overcome this by buying in bulk – either freeze it, or get together with neighbours and buy a load together. It’s a win-win for the supplier and you.
    Thanks for the great tips!



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